We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services at conferences, courses, workshops, seminars, press interviews, and business and government meetings. Our client portfolio includes SME's, corporations, national and international organizations and government agencies.
We recruit the most suitable team of interpreters based on the nature and size of the meeting, the subject and language combination involved.
We strictly adhere to the codes of ethics of professional associations AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters) and ADICA (Argentine Association of Conference Interpreters) to guarantee the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and confidentiality.

We specialize in translating sensitive and value-added documents such as press releases, web sites, business agreements and contracts, marketing brochures and newsletters. We manage a team of translators who cover multiple language combinations and a wide range of subjects, including telecommunications, IT, economics and finance, management, insurance, international taxation, foreign affairs and the most diverse technical disciplines. In 2008, we managed and supervised the translation and editing of approximately 1 million words.

We help design clear and effective messages that are successfully conveyed to the intended audience, either in the local language or in a foreign one. We use the necessary time and resources to fully understand your communication goals and add value in the process. We have been a trusted partner in projects such as deciding the name of purebred horses, writing advertising slogans or adapting scripts by helping to develop creative yet accurate language.

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