Mission from the Philippines to explore pest management and the use of pesticides, May 2014

“Contract Farming Workshop”, March 2014

United Supermarkets Association Conference, November 2013

Food Technology Summit, Enfasis, October 2013

Town Hall, Monsanto Argentina, March 2013

3rd Argentine Congress on Equine Reproduction, La Rural, March 2013

Buenos Aires Seed Convention 2013, November 2013

Pig vaccination strategies, May 2013

Swine Influenza and Circovirus, May 2013

Food Technology Summit, Enfasis, October 2012

3rd Argentine Congress on Equine Reproduction, La Rural, March 2013

Harvest Estimates - Buenos Aires Grain Exchange – USDA, September 2012

Sustainable Forest Management Seminar, October 2012

Crop Protection Product Presentation, December 2012

8th UCAR-PROSAP Meeting. San Juan, November 2012

International Forum: BRIC and Dairy Production in the World and in Argentina, April 2012

Technical Meeting on Low Presence in Foods, Feed and Processing. IICA, March 2012

NABI-CAS Meetings. March 2012

32nd. Session of the Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean. FAO, March 2012

Seminar “Innovation, Technology and Food Production”, Experiences in Argentina and the European Union, November 2011

World Apiculture Congress “Apimondia 2011”, September 2011

9th Congress of the International Society of Citrus Nurserymen, Tucumán, June 2011

“Food Technology Summit”, FLC, August 2011

1st International Workshop on Giant African Snail and other mollusks of agricultural and environmental concern, Iguazú, June 2011

Seminar on food chain sustainability: From Facts to Words, April 2010

Food Technology Summit, August 2010

Videoconference - Agribusiness, November 2010

XIII World Forestry Congress, 2009

SENASA (National Animal Health and Agri-food Quality Agency): Inspection missions on animal, plant and public health by officials from the European Union (DG-SANCO), the United States (APHIS/FSIS) and third countries since 1996

Mastellone Hermanos dairy company: meetings with suppliers since 1994

International Conference on Animal Identification and Traceability: From Farm to Fork, World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), 2009

Second Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop (LAPRW), 2009

Seminar "Genetically modified and non-genetically modified product supply chain: coexistence and traceability", Co-Extra - ArgenINTA, 2009

International meeting on blueberries and other berries, INTA Obispo Colombres, 2009

18th meeting of the Plants Committee (CITES - United Nations Environment Program), 2009

Registration of Veterinary Products, BASF, 2009

XII Congress on Food Science and Technology, Cytal, Entre Ríos National University, Concordia, 2009

OIE´s World Conference on Foot and Mouth Disease, Asunción, Paraguay, 2009

International Seminar on Food Safety, Instituto de Promoción de la Carne Vacuna (IPCVA), 2008

12th meeting of the International Veterinary Biosafety Committee, SENASA, 2008

Seminar "Compensation mechanisms in cases of disease outbreaks", World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), 2007

Seminar on the implementation of EUREPGAP standards, ArgenINTA, 2007

Meetings of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, since 2005

Workshop of the International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists (ISSCT) "Improving productivity under green cane harvesting", 2006

International Seminar on Beef Cattle - Consejo Federal de Inversiones, 2006

Seminar "Plant biotechnology - New techniques and their legal implications", Asociación de Semilleros Argentinos, 2006

37th Codex Committee on Food Hygiene, Codex Alimentarius (FAO, WHO), 2005

Meeting of the Regional Committee of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers, 2005

2nd Agricultural Biotechnology Seminar in Argentina, International Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA), 2004

International Seminar "Trade related aspects of the implementation of the Cartagena Protocol", International Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA), 2004

First and Second International Agribusiness Congress, Sociedad Rural Argentina, 2002, 2003

Second Braford World Congress, Asociación Braford Argentina, 2003

International Seminar on Grass-Fed Beef Cattle, Ministry of Production of the Province of Chaco, Argentina, Consejo Federal de Inversiones, 2003

International Vine and Wine Conference, INTA General Roca, 2003

6th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology, 2000

Conference "Management and control of viral enteritis in dogs and osteoarthritis", Pfizer Argentina, 1998

23th World Congress of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, 1998

Seminar "Animal immunology", Pfizer Argentina, 1997


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