Security of Operations Seminar, SeaWorld, IAE Universidad Austral, May 2014

Logistics Management Seminar, Enfasis, May 2014

Buenos Aires to the world, Conference by Guy Kawasaki, HSM Argentina, November 2013

Change management session as part of an IAE program. Visiting professor Konstantin Korotov, October 2013

In-house meetings at financial auto company at various dates in 2012, 2013 and 2014

Think Publishing, Google, August 2013

Negotiation meetings with US investment fund, April 2013

Town hall meetings of financial auto company / various dates in 2012 and 2013

Healthcare System and the Pharmaceutical Industry in Argentina – Market Review, October 2012

Logistic Management Seminar Énfasis, May 2012

Rebuilding Management. La Rural SA, November 2012

Launch of in Argentina, August 2012

World Business Forum 2012, WOBI Argentina, October 2012

Training seminar on multilevel sales, May 2011

Annual Alumni Assembly, IAE Business School, May 2011

International Seminar on Logistics Management, FLC, May 2011

World Negotiation Forum, HSM, August 2011

Outdoor advertising workshop, August 2011

“Social network strategies”, HSM, October 2011

1st PRME Latin America Regional Meeting, December 2011

Conference: “Corporate Governance and Transparency”, IAE, December 2011

Workshop “Space for Ideas”, April 2010

International Seminar on Logistics Management, May 2010

International Seminar for Senior Managers of the Entertainment Industry, May 2010

International Seminar – Compensation Plans, December 2010

HSM: Seminars, World Negotiation Forums and Marketing Summits / since 1994. Speakers include: Tom Peters, Al Ries, Peter Drucker, Michael Porter, Philip Kotler, Lee Iacocca, Claus Moller, Richard Whiteley, Heinz Goldmann, Alvin Toffler, William Ury, Robert Kaplan; Karl Albrecht, Fred Wiersema, James Collins, Stan Rapp, Regis Mc Keena, Kenichi Ohmae, C. Prahalad, Benson Shapiro, Rudiger Dornbusch, Edward de Bono

ExpoManagement: Plenary Conferences, break-out sessions and press interviews / since 1999. Speakers include: Muhammad Yunus, Michael Porter, Peter Drucker, Terry Jones, Jack Welch, William J. Clinton, Kevin Roberts, Jimmy Wales, Joseph Stiglitz, Bill Gates, Rudolph Giuliani, Francis Ford Coppola, Pankaj Ghemawat, Nick Shreiber, John Davis, Tom Peters, Lyn Heward, José Luis Nueno, Fernando Parrado, Tom Kelley, Alex Rovira, Madeleine Albright, W. Chan Kim, Ming-Jer Chen

5th Seminar on Election Campaigns - Frank Greer, strategist and campaign media director for Barack Obama / 2009

World Business Forum, H.S.M, 2009

International Seminar on Logistics Management, Enfasis, 2009

Negotiation Seminar, William Ury, HSM, Citibank, 2009

1st International Public Relations Conference, 2008

"Lean Six Sigma Logistics", FLC, 2008

Leadership Academy PEPSICO, IAE Universidad Austral, 2008

Presentation of Absolut Vodka in the portfolio of Pernod Ricard, 2008

Launching of Johnny Walker's campaign "Don't Drink and Drive" with Mika Hakinnen, DIAGEO, 2008

Seminar "A New Way of Investing: Angel Investors", IAE / Universidad Austral, 2007

Presentation of HR Competency Study, IAE / Universidad Austral, 2007

3rd International Congress of Quality Management, FUNDECE, 2007

"2006 Balanced Scorecard Summit", Symnetics, 2006

"Leadership and Strategic Management", Symnetics, 2006

Seminar "Value Innovation", Symnetics, 2006

International Congress of Women Entrepreneurs, Honorable Senado de la Nación (Argentine Senate), 2005

International Seminar "Challenges of Real Journalism: Newspapers at the Crossroads of the 21st Century", Arte Gráfico Editorial Argentina, 2005

"Balanced Scorecard Executive Summary", Symnetics, 2004

Seminar on wine marketing "Targeting UK", Escuela Argentina de Sommeliers, 2004

"50th Group Workshop. Performance Management Process", ICI, 2004

26th Congress of the International Publishers Association, 2000

4th International Conference on Human Resources, 1999

Presentation of the "Absolut Book" by Richard W. Lewis, 1999

"The Power of Promotional Marketing", MCG Ciencia y Cultura, 1998

Seminar "Database Marketing", Institute for International Research (IIR), 1997

"Retail marketing", IIR, 1997

Sessions on current requirements and trends in international negotiations, CARI (Argentine Council for International Relations), 1995


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