61st Annual Convention of the Argentine Construction Trade Association. Keynote speaker: Ian Bremmer, November 2013

Uses of PVC - Patrick Moore, co-founder and former member of Greenpeace, March 2013

Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma Forum, March 2013

60th Annual Convention of the Argentine Construction Chamber. Keynote speaker: Economist Nouriel Roubini, November 2012

38th Argentine Cardiology Congress, October 2012

V International Epidemiology Congress, Infection Control and Patient Safety, September 2012

Latin America Diabetes Summit 2012, June 2012

Presentation of clinical trials – Acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections, February 2011 / March 2012

Nanotechnology seminar, October 2011

Expert meeting to verify interruption of the rubella virus transmission in Argentina, PAHO, March 2012

“2011 Meeting of ANSYS Users and ESSS Clients”, October 2011

“Meeting during the week of Clinical Pharmacology Research in Argentina”, July 2011

Nuclear safety and security workshop, June 2011

Surface chemistry of surfactants, March 2011

Meeting of Directors of National Programs for Rabies Control in Latin America, August 2010

Presentation of clinical studies of new drug for abdominal infections, August 2010

Training in hair coloring techniques, September 2010

World Engineering Conference and Exhibition “Ingeniería 2010”, October 2010

Presentation and press conference by Baroness Greenfield: The Three Pillars of Innovation, November 2010

31st Meeting and 22nd SCAR Science Conference (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research), August 2010

IX INSAF Meeting, 2009 International Seminar “Multidisciplinary research on climate change. Facing the challenge” , Embassy of Denmark, 2009

Technical training course for AYSA operators in remote inspections of underground water pipelines, Agua y Saneamientos Argentinos (AySA), 2008

Technical meetings on geology and features of the soil, José Cartellone Construcciones Civiles SA, 2008

Workshop "How existing Codex Alimentarius standards apply to modern biotechnology food safety", 2007

21st Panamerican Railways Congress, MCI Congresos Internacionales, 2007

"Train the Trainers", Terminales Río de La Plata, 2007

"2007 America's Region 2nd Annual Safety and Environment Conference", Terminales Río de La Plata, 2007

40th Steel Industry International Conference, IISI, 2006

Meeting on aspects for the implementation of a guideline for the adventitious presence of GMO's in CODEX, 2006

Seminar "Consolidation of the Auto Industry in Argentina: Outlook and Challenges", ADEFA, 2005

World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) Course for the National Meteorological Service of Argentina (SMN), 2004

Visit of Mr. Peter Wyse, Secretary General of Botanic Gardens Conservation International, 2004

Regional Latin America and the Caribbean Workshop on Biosafety, United Nations Development Programme, 2002

Argentina - Belgium Science Seminar, Embassy of Belgium and Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2001

International seminars on the treatment of concrete, concrete floors and coatings, Master Builders Technology, 1999, 2001

International Course on Turbines and Combined Cycle Systems, GENELBA, 2000

Seminar "Our Habitat in the New Economic and Social Context", Consejo Profesional de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, 2000

14th Congress of the Inter-American Association of Industrial Property, 2000

Bio Latin 2000 - 4th Latin American Congress and Exhibition -  2nd Argentine Congress on Biotechnology, 2000

First Latin American Meeting of the Acoustic Emission Working Group, National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI), 1999

8th Argentine Congress on Pharmacy and Industrial Biochemistry, SAFYBI, 1999

International Congress on Electric Systems, Consejo Profesional de Ingeniería Mecánica y Electricista, 1999

Meeting of the Finance Board of the Pierre Auger Observatory Collaboration, 1999

Third CAR/SAM Regional Air Navigation Meeting, ICAO, 1999

First Latin American Airport Management Congress, 1999

"Tools for Change Forum", General Electric International Inc., 1998

Seminar on Canadian Mining and Geomatics, Canadian Embassy, 1998

4th Latin American Coatings Conference: recent developments in coatings", 1998

5th Southern Hemisphere Meeting on Mineral Technology, 1997

"Properties of the Subsoil, Ecology and Regulation of the Oil Market", Institute for International Research (IIR), 1997

Seminar "Toxic and Hazardous Industrial Waste", Institute for International Research (IIR), 1997

Second Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management, 1996

"World of Concrete", 1995

Seismic 3-D, course delivered in Plaza Huincul, Buenos Aires, Comodoro Rivadavia, YPF, 1994

UICN. World Environmental Congress, 1994

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