Compliance and Integrity Seminar, IAE, December 2013

Press Conference by primatologist Jane Goodall – Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires, October 2013

International Conference on The Great Balance, August 2012

Lecture by Professor of Educational Technology, Chief Scientist, Emeritus, at NIIT, and 2013 TED prize winner Sugata Mitra – “The Future of Learning”, June 2012

27th Alumni Annual Meeting. IAE Universidad Austral, May 2012

Train the Trainer Course on Port Safety, May 2012

1st PRME Latin America Regional Meeting, December 2011

Real Estate in the new global stage, IAE, October 2011

Meetings on Environmental Protection. The Nature Conservancy, May 2011

International Seminar – Care, gender and welfare policies, October 2010

Seminar “The State in the 21st Century”, October 2010

Sixth International Conference on Adult Education, UNESCO, Belém do Pará, Brazil, 2009

“Innovating Educators Forum 2009”, MP y M Comunicación, 2009

First Conference on Health Technology Assessment, CAEME, 2009

“Compliance Training”, TKE, 2009

International seminar "Designing Inclusive Educational Policies", Ministry of Education, 2009

Forum of INAQAAHE (International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education) members, 2008

International Program "Leading Innovation and Creativity", IAE / Universidad Austral, 2008

Meeting of Buenos Aires University Deans with counterparts from the University of Groeningen, The Netherlands. Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2008

21st Meeting of the Policy and Coordination Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO), 2008

World Music Therapy Congress, Asociación Argentina de Musicoterapia, 2008

"The use of IT in Education", International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) - UNICEF, 2007

UNESCO Meeting for the UNAIDS programme, 2007

International Forum on the Social Science-Policy Nexus, (IFSP), UNESCO - International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP), 2006

Conference by philosopher Joan Copjek, Book Fair, 2006

Conference by Edward de Bono "The Power of Creativity and Innovation", HSM, 2005

4th World Psychotherapy Congress, 2005

12th Seminar: "Between the Public and Private Spheres: Common Assets in the Information Society", Fundación OSDE, 2005

Conference and press interviews with philosopher Slavoj Zizeck, Book Fair, 2005, 2004

"Metropolitan Transformation", Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2001

3rd International Conference of Ministers and High Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sports (MINEPS), UNESCO, 1999

28th Panamerican Child Congress, Consejo Nacional del Menor y la Familia, 1999

Conference "Schema-focused Therapy", Centro de Terapia Cognitiva, 1999

Conferences on teacher training, The British Council, 1997

Seminar "University and Social Development", Universidad del Salvador, 1994

Symposium "Society and University in the 21st Century. Contribution by universities", Universidad del Salvador, 1993


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