Compliance for Compliance Experts Program, April 2014

Translation into English of the book “The Tax Administration and the Global Taxpayer – Practical and Technical Aspects of Relevance”, to be published by La Ley

WCO Technology and Innovation Forum, November 2013

Conferences by Phil Carney “Crime, Punishment and the Force of Photographic Spectacle” and Roger Matthews “Restorative Justice” – Ministry of Justice, September 2013

“Contract Farming Wqorkshop”, March 2014

CIAT-World Bank meeting, April 2013

47th CIAT (Inter American Center of Tax Administrations) General Assembly “International Taxation Aspects that Affect the Management of Tax Administrations”, April 2013

VI Colloquium on Justice, Research and Development in Health Care. September – October 2012

Ibero–American Tax Summit, October 2012

Meeting of experts on an Interamerican Convention on Human Rights of Elderly Persons, Foreign Office, September 2012

Meeting of the Regional Working Group on Preventing Abuse of the Non-profit Sector for the Purposes of Terrorist Financing. United Nations-Center for International Cooperation against Terrorism, November 2012

International Conference: Promoting Gender to Accomplish Peace. Reflection on the Latin American Experience. UN Women – MONUSCO – RESDAL – ECLAC, April 2012

Meetings of the OECD Peer Review Group on Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes, April 2012

WCO Data Model Workshop, March 2012

Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes, Assessor Training Seminar, OECD, January 2012

FTA 2012 – Forum on Tax Administration, OECD/AFIP, January 2012

ICC hearings on cases involving gas contracts, December 2011

“Working Session to discuss the Draft Model Law on Declaration of Assets and Interests”, O.A.S., June 2011

Conference for UTDT: “Mutual Charges and Mutual Solutions”, May 2011

27th ALACAT Congress 2010, May 2010

4th Meeting on Justice, Research and Development in Health Care, August 2010

International Seminar on Law and Economics, August 2010

Seminar on International Investment Law, Ministry of Justice, December 2009

Third Coloquium on Justice and Research and Development in Health Care, I.J.A. – CAEME, Mar del Plata, 2009

International Workshop – Procurement and Use of Scanners in Customs, Argentine Customs, 2009

AFIP: Technical meetings on varied topics since 1994

Training course for intelligence analysts of the Argentine Customs Office, Canada Border Services Agency/AFIP, 2009

60th Session of the General Policy Commission of the World Customs Organization (WCO), AFIP/WCO, 2008

General Assemblies of the Inter-American Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT), 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

First and Second Colloquium on Justice, Research and Development in Health, Cámara Argentina de Especialidades Medicinales (CAEME), 2007, 2008

Colloquium "An Attempt to Bring Judges Closer to Science", Fundación OSDE, 2006, 2008

International Conference "Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy", AFIP / WCO, 2007

"International Tax Dialogue", OCDE / AFIP, 2007

Seminar "Control of International Tax Planning", CIAT, 2006

59th Annual Congress of the IFA, Asociación Argentina de Estudios Fiscales, 2005

Technical Meeting for the Evaluation of the Draft Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance between the Republic of Argentina and the Republic of Korea, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, 2006

Seminar "The Application of Transfer Pricing Legislation", AFIP, 2005

Latin American Meeting for the Reform of Drug Policies, Honorable Senado de la Nación (Argentine Senate), 2005

Seminar on the Implementation of the Final Observations of the Committee on Children´s Rights, OAS-UNICEF - OHCHR, 2005

Meetings on the Container Security Initiative (CSI), AFIP, 2004

Seminar "Health and Justice", Fundación OSDE, 2003

Seminar "Legal Aspects of Investments and Business in the USA", Universidad Austral, 2002

Seminar "Criminal Law and New Threats to the Security of Nations", Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), 2001

International Seminar on Probation, The British Council, 2000

Second International Conference on the Application of New Technologies in the Field of Justice, Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Supreme Court of the Province of Buenos Aires), 1999

18th Panamerican Child Congress, 1999

International Congress of the Union of Latin Notaries, 1998

The Law Week, British Council, 1998

Seminar "Towards Greater Legal Certainty", Fundación Libertad, 1996

Seminar "Alternative Dispute Resolution", Institute for International Research, 1995

Seminar "Money Laundering and Asset Forfeiture", BCRA, 1993

4th International Meeting of Mayors against Drugs, United Nations, UNDCP, 1992

International Meeting on Credit Fraud Prevention, Fundación Veraz, 1992

"Criminal Trial Advocacy", US Embassy, 1990


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