Written Spanish>English, English>Spanish translations of media kits, press releases and white papers for wireless industry trade association, 2000 to date

Business working meetings via Webex and Skype

Think Digital, Google, December 2013

Net NAP 2013, November 2013

Google Media Lab, Google, May 2013

FIRST Colloquium on Internet Security, August 2012

E-government and Open Software, August 2012

Think Big (Google) Faena Arts Center, March 2012

Lecture by Lead Creative at Google, Vinton Cerf: “The Internet of the Future”, November 2011

Written translation of press releases and White Papers for 4G Americas, a trade organization of the wireless industry representing the 3GPP family of technologies, 2011

Launching of Motorola Blur, March 2010

Workshop on Smartphones, August 2010

Regional Seminar: Non-Ionizing Radiation – Keys for Deployment of Infrastructure and Health Protection, December 2010

CISCO Networkers 2010

IBM: Conferences, seminars, product launches, press meetings and other events since 1994

International Seminar on Rails Programming Language "Mad about Rails", 2009

Cisco Networkers Solutions Forum, Cisco Systems, 1995, 1998, 1999 (Brazil), 2002, 2008

Symantec Vision - Manage Fusion, Symantec, 2008

Conference "IBM/Rational", IBM, 2007

"Top Gun", IBM, 2006, 2007

Sun Tech Days, 2006-2007

Presentation of System i, Mar del Plata, IBM, 2006

Seminar on Strategic IT Management, Symnetics, 2006

Advanced Positioning and Localization Solutions, Trimble, 2005

16th Meeting of the Preparatory Working Group for ITU Council Meeetings, CITEL, ITU, 2005

7th Meeting of the Conference Preparatory Working Group, CITEL, ITU, 2005

Data Storage Forum, EMC Computer Systems Argentina SA, 2003

Seminar "Internet, Freedom and Society", Fundación OSDE, 2003

Meeting of the Permanent Executive Committee of CITEL - OAS, El Calafate, 2003

13th Meeting of COM/CITEL, 2003

12th Meeting of the Permanent Executive Committee of CITEL (COM/CITEL), 2002

State-of-the-Art Technology Conference, 2001

COMDEX - Windows World, 2001

Tivoli Day, IBM, 2001

6th International IT Congress, COMDEX, 2001

Intel e-Business Forum, 2000

13th Biennial Conference of the International Telecommunications Society (ITS), 2000.

CITEL - OEA. 15th Meeting of the Permanent Consultative Committee III: Radiocommunications, 2000

Launching of "Intel E-Business Network", Intel, 2000

CISCO Networkers, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1999

Conference "An Intelligent City", Government of the City of Buenos Aires, 1998

Seminar "Opening the Telecommunications Market in Argentina", Institute for International Research, 1998

"Adaptive Networking", Bay Networks, 1997

First International Seminar on IT Crime, Embassy of the United States of America, 1997

"AS400 Attack Program", Hewlett Packard, 1997

Backoffice Worldwide Tour, Microsoft Argentina, 1996

Seminar "Network Management and Design", Institute for International Research, , 1995


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